Kinnomic Botany

freeing the potato from its scientific and colonial ties

A field for the cultivation of alternative maps, where species are mapped relative to one another rather than relative to the human.

On ‘Kinnomics’
Despite well-intended origins, economic and ecology are tainted disciplines; binding us to human-centric ideas of what nature could and should be. The term ‘kinnomic’ has been devised as part of a new transitory lexicon. Drawing from Donna Harraway’s offering to ‘make kin’ as a way of storytelling in a multi-species world.

On ‘Cartifacts’
The term ‘cartifact’ has been coined to describe a set of maps that sit outside the definition of its cartesian form. Cartifacts are produced by non-experts, to reveal ways of categorising nature that reach beyond the reductive scientific method.