Kinnomic Botany

freeing the potato from its scientific and colonial ties

A field for the cultivation of alternative maps, where species are mapped relative to one another rather than relative to the human.

On ‘Kinnomics’
Despite well-intended origins, economic and ecology are tainted disciplines; binding us to human-centric ideas of what nature could and should be. The term ‘kinnomic’ has been devised as part of a new transitory lexicon. Drawing from Donna Harraway’s offering to ‘make kin’ as a way of storytelling in a multi-species world.

On ‘Cartifacts’
Cartography and botany used to be democratic sciences, as forms of representation where anyone had authority to name, image, and categorise our natural world. The term ‘cartifact’ has been coined to describe a set of maps that sit outside the definition of its cartesian form. Cartifacts are produced by non-experts to reveal ways of categroising nature that sit outside current botanical knowledge systems.