Kinnomic Botanical Garden

freeing the potato from its scientific and colonial ties

A parallel, amorphous botanical landscape tethered from the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew. 

Manifested virtually, it is constructed to store and experience impressions of plants that don’t fit into Western systems of botanical categorisation.

Experience Kinnomic Botany here.

I am one of 234 wild ancestors of Solanum Tubersoum.
Here in the paramo we are not known for our floury flesh
But for our brightly coloured flowers
Transported via carriage in the spikey pollen sacks of the bombus robustus.   

Here I take root in multiple ecosystems.
Such as the high grasslands of Cuzco,
Nestled beneath the Queen of the Andes,
Sheltered from days which feel like the hottest of summers
And nights the harshest of winters.

I thrive in soil types that are black and saturated,
But also
dry and xerophytic.
Taking root in the sandy clay soil with corryocactus erdisia,
In the canyons of the Anco Cunca,
And at the edges of field borders or forgotten agricultural terraces.

I cling to the sides of mountaintops in the highest of altitudes
In carpet-like mats with the stipa ichu.

I may not be tasty but I am tough.

Kinnomic Botany from Iman Datoo on Vimeo.