Podcast: Farmerama, Episode 85

Online, Sept 23

An interview with Abby Rose, co-producer and co-host of Farmerama -  an award-winning podcast sharing the voices behind regenerative farming.

Panel Discussion: Food Forever at Kew

Kew Gardens, 28 July 2022 @ 7pm

This panel discussion will explore our food systems from the perspective of farming and growing communities, with an in-depth look at where our food actually comes from. Where is innovation in food growing taking place, locally and globally, and how might the communities involved be better supported in the future?

Panel Discussion: Native Species

Stepehen Lawrence Galleries, 23 Feb 2022 6-8pm

A roundtable discussion exploring how the histories of the plants in our public spaces can perpetuate narratives of injustice, but can also offer opportunities to reframe these perspectives. 

Speakers include Dilip Lakhani, Giacomo Guzzon, Iman Datoo, Samuel Vessey and Sui Searle.

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