Exhibition: Super Natural 

The Eden Project, 2022-23

Super Natural is an exhibition at the Eden Project that explores humankind’s ever-evolving understanding of ourselves as a part of the natural world, the interdependencies between humans and plants, and the systems that inform our varying perspectives. 

Participating artists are Ai Weiwei, Kedisha Coakley, Patricia Domínguez, Iman Datoo, Ingela Ihrman and Eduardo Navarro.

Read more >  The Guardian, From Potato Worlds to Dancing Vaginas:  Ai Weiwei leads a dip into Witchcraft and Weird Nature; Studio International, Super Natural Review

Curated by Misha Curzon and Hannah Hooks

Panel Discussion: Food Forever at Kew

Kew Gardens, 28 July 2022 @ 7pm

This panel discussion will explore our food systems from the perspective of farming and growing communities, with an in-depth look at where our food actually comes from. Where is innovation in food growing taking place, locally and globally, and how might the communities involved be better supported in the future?

Podcast: Farmerama, Episode 85

Online, Sept 23

An interview with Abby Rose, co-producer and co-host of Farmerama -  an award-winning podcast sharing the voices behind regenerative farming.

Panel Discussion: Native Species

Stepehen Lawrence Galleries, 23 Feb 2022 6-8pm

A roundtable discussion exploring how the histories of the plants in our public spaces can perpetuate narratives of injustice, but can also offer opportunities to reframe these perspectives. 

Speakers include Dilip Lakhani, Giacomo Guzzon, Iman Datoo, Samuel Vessey and Sui Searle.

Exhibition: Against Apartheid

KARST Gallery, 2023

Curated by Ashish Ghadiali, Against Apartheid explores the origins of climate apartheid through the work of international contemporary artists, activists and scientists.

UN Special Rapporteur, Philip Alston, has dubbed the potential outcome of anthropogenic climate change as “climate apartheid” – where life becomes impossible for increasing sections of the human population. This scenario would predominantly impact black and brown communities living on the frontlines of climate breakdown.

Against Apartheid situates this projected future in historic ecologies of empire – African enslavement, the middle passage, the plantation and the genocide of indigenous peoples as well as the geopolitics of international borders, urban air pollution and species migration.

Featured artists include: Sue Williamson, Khaled Jarrar, Forensic Oceanography, Annalee Davis, Kiluanji Kia Henda, Sylvie Séma Glissant, Kedisha Coakley, Angela Camacho, Ashanti Hare and Iman Datoo.

Workshop: After the Green Revolution

Cambridge University, 2023

An art-based session developed for After the Green Revolution, a Summer School programme at Cambridge University.

Convened by Dr. Inanna Hamati-Ataya and organised by gloknos, the Centre for Global Knowledge Studies.

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Exhibition: On a Table Over Time 

The Plumb, Toronto, 2023

The tradition of recipes becomes part of identity. Both personal and communal, these often inherited and repeated sets of instructions show the qualities of the place we come from, as well as the people within it. Over generations, through our sense of taste, we combine and consume our environment as food and drink to create a concept of ourselves and where we come from.

Alvin Luong, Benjamin De Boer, Brigida Cuddemi, Carrie Perreault, Dave Dyment, Dupla Molcajete (Beatriz Paz Jimenez & Zoe Heyn-Jones), Iman Datoo, Justin Ming Yong, Kelly Mark, Marli Davis, Walter Scott

Curated by Callum Schuster

Exhibition: Mapping the Cartographic 

Drugo More Gallery, Croatia, 2022

International group exhibition Mapping the Cartographic: Contemporary Approaches to Planterization will open at the Filodrammatica Gallery on Thursday, January 20, 2022, from 6 to 8 p.m.

Curated by Sara Garzón, Ameli M. Klein and Sabina Oroshi of the international curatorial association Collective Rewilding.

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